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This analytical paper talks about the importance of ritual, and how it is much more a way of living then belief in a dogma.
I take components of many different rituals and putting them together in a thoughtful, powerful way to express my intentions. The manifestation presents itself more often than not when the ritual is done repeatedly and solemnly.

I believe one of the reasons this is so effective for me in manifesting my own will, is that by repeating a powerful, self discovered ritual, I delve in other ways of causing this manifestation. I am mostly unaware of these and when I do see them, it only renews my will with a feeling of synchronicity.

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"In religion, words and what can be adequately articulated in words are, I believe, of relatively minor importance. Judaism, for instance, recognizes 613 religious obligations. Maimonides classifies these into fourteen groups, of which only one has to do with religious beliefs, while seven concern matters of ritual.[1] Of the 613 commandments themselves, fewer than 5 percent are verbal—dealing with vows and prayers as well as doctrine. Over 60 percent deal with ritual.

Ritual can be regarded as a language, and I am using the word in its broadest sense as a symbol in action. “In seeking to understand ritual we are, in effect, trying to discover the rules of grammar and syntax of an unknown language.”[2] But language is not constituted by a grammar and syntax alone; it must also have a semantics and be a carrier of meaning. I ask, What categories of meaning are appropriate for the analysis of ritual?"

- Abraham Kaplan

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Holy Cardigan over garmentThe woman's holy over garment

Holy cardigan over garment
The man's holy cardigan over garment
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